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Q. Does Capital Financial Group, Inc. charge any additional fees?
A. No. Capital Financial Group accepts the commissions offered by the health insurance carriers. There are no additional charges for our groups.

Q.  How does our company appoint Capital Financial Group as our broker?
A. It’s simple, all you need to do is sign a Broker of Record letter that we will supply to you.

Q. Once I sign a Broker of Record letter, how long is our contract with Capital Financial Group?
A. The Broker of Record letter can be changed at any time; However, we are confident that after using our services you will see the value that we add to your company, and want to keep us as your broker.

Q. When can we appoint Capital Financial Group as our broker?
A. At anytime. Once a Broker of Record letter is signed and sent to us, we start working for you that day.

Q. Does Capital Financial Group Inc. charge for their Health Savings Accounts (HSAs)?
A. No, as a subsidiary of Glens Falls National Bank and Trust Company, we can offer our HSA at no additional cost to our clients.

Q. How many employer groups does Capital Financial Group Inc. currently represent as a broker?
A. We represent more than 800 local employer groups.